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About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose and function of Bohio Cibanani is the exercise, expression and preservation of Caribbean Indigenous and Afro-Diasporic traditions, which seek harmony with Mother Earth and Creation. We center LGBTQ2S+ in all of our work and welcome our broader communities to gather with us. We work in deep collaboration with Indigenous/First Nations and Afro-Diasporic communities, as kin and knowledge keepers.

Bohio Cibanani supports the holistic development of our communities through traditional education, environmental stewardship, traditional ceremonies and community solidarity. We seek to teach as many people as possible about how to be in relationship with ourselves, our families, our communities, Mother Earth and all Creation.

How You Can Help


We accept monetary and in-kind donations to support operations and community education events. To learn more about our in-kind donations, visit our “Wish List.” Monetary donations can be sent via paypal ( or Venmo (@bohiocibanani) or by check/money order sent to PO Box 149, Eugene, OR 97440.

Join a Convite

Beginning in October 2022, we will have monthly “convites” (pronounced cone-vee-tey). Convites are gatherings of folks that are also opportunities to spend time with other people who love Mother Earth. We work on the land together and we also cook and eat together.

Sponsor an Event or a Residency

From time to time folks have offered to sponsor an event, such as a traditional ecological knowledge workshop for local students, or a celebration in the name of a family member. We welcome these types of support. In addition, if you would like to sponsor a residency – either for an elder or an LGBTQ2S artist, healer, activist and/or scholar – let us know!

Bohio Cibanani

Bohio Cibanani is a 501 (c) 3 organization devoted to the preservation and recuperation of Caribbean Indigenous and Afro-Diasporic ancestral knowledges, traditions and practices.